Co-curricular Activities

Our co-curricular activities are an integral part of the educational development of every pupil. The skills they learn outside the classroom through teamwork, problem solving, performing and physical activities ensure they are developing vital 21st century skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication) which are required for success in a rapidly changing, digital society where knowledge learned will become less important than how we apply it.

Develop a wider personal outlook
It is central to our ethos that all students play a full part in the co-curricular programme, as this will develop a wider personal outlook by challenging them in a wide range of situations.
Stand out in the job market
This will allow everyone to develop skills which will help with their formal studies and prepare students for the workplace and their future lives. The co-curricular programme will also allow students to gain an awareness of the skills and attributes which are demanded in a range of activities. It will also equip our students with experience and strengths that will see them stand out in their university applications and in the job market.
400+ different activities
A broad and varied provision is integral to the school’s success, bringing all sections of the school together and giving pupils the opportunity to develop their own interests in the expressive arts, wider academic activities, sport and community service. On the last count, we offer 400+ different activities each week. The programme is options-focused, enabling students to select the activities that they have firm interest or ability in.
Well-rounded individuals
Our co-curricular programme is built around the interests and expertise of our amazing staff, ensuring high-quality provision, maximum engagement and genuine opportunities to build lasting rapport with students. The programme is further enhanced through a wealth of opportunities for competition and performance, across all key areas. It benefits from the engagement of high-quality local providers, who offer further activities for our students, such as horse riding, American football and golf, to name but a few. As a result, King’s College International School, Wuxi students will be well-rounded individuals, supported by an exceptional range of opportunities in sport, drama, music, outdoor pursuits, school exchanges and in community service.
Expressive Arts
Math and Logic
Sport, Health&community
Social Science