Sport, Health & Community

In this domain the CCAs on offer cater for various students. Our sporting, health and community opportunities enable students to develop skills in a chosen area of their interest. Across the Performance Pyramid, students can gain access to all levels of sport, health and community. Examples of these are Tier 3 CCAs where students represent KCIS at high level tournaments, fixtures and community service events. Our Tier 1 and 2 CCAs provide a range of health-related activities designed to give students local competition exposure while supporting their fitness and mental health.

Sport and Health

The variety of sports and health options on offer through this domain provides opportunities for all students to experience sport and health in an inclusive and enjoyable environment. It supports the tiered structure valuing high participation rates in our primary sector, together with aspirational targets for our secondary school teams.

We have a number of featured CCAs that always spark student interest, such as PE Games in KG3 and strong student numbers across volleyball, basketball, football and badminton. Our Tier 3 CCAs include our KCIS Swim Squad, U/19 Men’s Basketball, Rowing and Golf teams who represent the school in various competitions throughout the year.

All our students have opportunities to develop various skillsets. This includes areas such as, leadership, mental health, fitness, skill acquisition, sportsmanship and an understanding of school spirit and love of sports.



The CCAs on offer in this domain, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and World Scholar’s Cup, allow students to develop lifelong leadership skills and provide the opportunity for extended learning outside of the classroom. Pitched mainly as Tier 3 CCAs, they are directed towards our Secondary Students.

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