Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care
Tutor Programme

The Tutor programmes are an opportunity for learners to take responsibility for building the community they want to learn in. Students meet daily in small groups with their form tutors to develop their skills as confident, responsible and effective citizens. We believe that our classrooms should be places where positive relationships are central, and we give our students opportunities to build trust with their teachers, their peers and the wider school community. Through our tutor programme, students meet regularly with caring faculty members during a scheduled period in the school day, with the underlying goal of providing each student with consistent support and guidance from a member of the school staff. We believe the Tutor Programme will help to solidify relationships, inspire students and build a practice at the school that will have real and long-lasting outcomes. The Tutors are designated members of the professional staff who have responsibility for maintaining an overview of their tutees’ academic and pastoral welfare. They are an advisor, an advocate, a listener, a guide, a mentor and a role model for this group of students.