Science & Social Science

The Social Science Domain merges our Science, Humanities and Information and Technologies (ICT) Departments. Given the scale of CCAs covered across this domain, students access a variety of skillsets and learning opportunities.


In the Science CCA domain we have a broad range of activities for all age groups ranging from the Little Science Club (KS3) to more advanced clubs such as Criminal Psychology and the Anatomy Club. Students have the opportunity to develop their investigative skills as well as their critical thinking skills. Our CCAs aim to give the students the freedom to express themselves and to create challenges where collaboration is essential and at the same time deepening their understanding of a topic. We also provide CCAs which are aimed at broadening student perspectives and giving them tools that may be beneficial for life in and out of school.

Little Science ClubBiology Support


The Humanities domain offers a variety of CCAs that help students pursue their individual interests tied to history, geography, business and economics. Students have the opportunity to compete, create and develop their skills in various subject areas. Our CCAs focus heavily on critical thinking, analysis, group work and cooperation, as well as giving students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of complex events and cases. Our clubs aim to give students tools that they can use in their daily lives and future, to inspire change.

History ClubInternational Humanities Curriculum Study Group(G7-9)


The ICT department CCAs give all students a chance to participate in various computer-related activities that they feel are relevant to them. Computer technology is an important factor in the 21st century and we are able to use it to accomplish an increasing number of tasks. This year, our clubs focus on the areas of coding, design, and robotics. We are dedicated to giving our students a chance to use their imagination to create and explore digital and physical creations and have fun doing it.