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    • Brendan LawExecutive Principal

      Executive Principal

      Brendan Law

      Prior to joining Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science in August 2022, Brendan was Director General of Misk Schools, where he had responsibility for providing leadership in all aspects of the school. He brings over 35 years of international educational experience and used it to shape and guide his team so that together, they could deliver the school’s ambitious vision for a new paradigm in Saudi education, as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Misk Foundation and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

      Brendan joined Misk Schools in August 2019 from GEMS Education in Dubai, where he had responsibility for a portfolio of 14 British Premium schools across the UAE and Africa.

      Prior to his role at GEMS, Brendan was Director of Education at The Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) in Abu Dhabi, and Founding Headmaster of its flagship school, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, which he launched in 2014.

      Under his vision and direction, Cranleigh became a multi award-winning school, securing New British International School of the Year 2017 as well as a number of other accolades in recognition of the school’s creative curriculum and outreach programmes. Prior to his time with TDIC, Brendan established and led Brighton College Abu Dhabi as Founding Headmaster. Based on the significance of his work in Abu Dhabi, he was listed as a UAE Education Influencer 2017 by

      Brendan began his career in 1985 in South Africa from where he moved to Sweden as Private Tutor to the President of SAAB’s children. His next career step was to the UK and into the independent boarding school sector. He joined Bedford School in 1995 to teach English and Sports, where he also held the roles of Senior Boarding Housemaster and Acting Registrar. In 2003, he was appointed Headmaster at Westbourne House School where, during his eight-year tenure, the school grew by 33% and achieved record results.

      A graduate of the Universities of Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, Brendan has specialisms in English and Psychology, holds a Bachelor of Arts and a postgraduate BA Honors in Psychology, as well as a Higher Diploma of Education.

      He says: “I’m at my best when I am building teams and galvanizing them behind a shared and inspiring vision. Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science has a bold, forward thinking set of goals: I am greatly honoured and privileged to be joining a team that is already delivering innovation in the classroom and to know that together, we are on an extraordinary journey to break new ground in K-12 education in China. Always aspiring for excellence, together we will empower our students to become innovative, collaborative and equipped with a comprehensive worldview and the skills to shape, make and operate on the national and international stage.”

    • Mike HindleHead of School

      Head of School

      Mike Hindle

      Mr. Hindle graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Education with Honours (B.Ed. Hons) from Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. He has also been awarded the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).

      After graduation, Mr. Hindle started his teaching career as a primary school teacher in West London. He then went on to work in a variety of educational settings, with both primary and secondary aged students, before his appointment as Deputy Head Teacher of a primary school in the North of England. Mr. Hindle remained in this role for 10 years before branching out as an educational consultant to schools in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Asia. During this time, he advised schools on curriculum change, school improvement and leadership.

      In due course, Mr. Hindle was appointed Principal of an international school in Doha, Qatar, catering for local and expatriate students from 3 to 18 years of age.

      Mr. Hindle is passionate about education. His firmly held belief is that learning should be engaging, challenging and rewarding, and that every student has the capacity to excel. He values the importance of educating ‘the whole child’ – developing not only academic excellence but the skills, attitudes and dispositions necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

      A keen musician, Mr. Hindle plays the piano, saxophone and guitar. He has written countless children’s songs and enjoys running choirs and musical groups.

    • Oswald MAcademic Assistant Head
      for the Secondary School

      Academic Assistant Head
      for the Secondary School

      Oswald M

      Mr Oswald M graduated from Queens University of Belfast with a PhD in Veterinary Microbiology and a BSc in Food Microbiology. He has over 15 years’ experience teaching in Asia. Oswald M started his working career working as a research scientist developing novel veterinary pharmaceutical products. After this he was the technical manager in a food testing company where he oversaw the day to day running of a laboratory.

      Oswald M started off his teaching career as an ESL teacher in South Korea before moving to Nepal and eventually China, it was then that he obtained his teaching qualification from the University of Sunderland. He has been teaching Science/Biology for 8 years both in China and Malaysia. Oswald M’s teaching philosophy in his own words is ‘I like to create an environment in the classroom that allows for supervised exploration as I believe this to be the most effective way for students to learn in science. I try to create real life situations and always make science realistic for the students to help them understand difficult concepts. I encourage learning by creating a relaxed atmosphere where the students feel free to ask questions and have discussions. I treat subject matter as interconnected, emphasising that everything students are learning fits together into a holistic understanding of the world, from which they develop their personal worldview’. Outside of work Oswald M likes traveling to new places, reading and cooking.

    • Matthew WAcademic Assistant Head
      for the Primary School

      Academic Assistant Head
      for the Primary School

      Matthew W

      Matthew W graduated in 2010 with a first-class honour’s degree in Business and HR management and later completed a PGCE through the University of Nottingham. With over a decade of experience teaching in China, Matthew W joins King’s College International School Wuxi after working as a homeroom teacher in Yunnan. Before this, Matthew W spent five years as the academic manager of Saxon Court Foreign Language School, Yuxi, Yunnan province where he was responsible for curriculum design and implementation as well as teacher orientation and the professional development of the teaching staff at the school. 

      Matthew W joined King’s College International School in March, 2022 as a grade four maternity cover teacher before his permanent position begins in August, 2022. During his time at King’s, Matthew W has become a popular member of staff and is well- liked by both students and staff alike. He has become highly involved in the eco-schools committee and is eager to continue working and building on the good work already done within this co-curricular activity. Matthew W believes that every student can shine during their educational years and prides himself on the relationships he builds with his students. He believes that learning foundations are built on a mutual trust and respect and through this, students develop and excel both academically as well as socially in school and later, in life.

    • Cindy JHead of Boarding

      Head of Boarding

      Cindy J

      Ms. Cindy J, who has been engaged in education for more than 20 years, has rich experience in education, teaching, and school management. She served successively as vice principal of junior high school, director of personnel section in education bureau, director of discipline inspection office, secretary of the party committee of a four-star high school, member of Wuxi new union, vice president of Xishan district new union, president of Xishan district Dongbeitang new union.

      Ms. Cindy J insists on carrying out the concept of “conscience, responsibility and skill” in her work and life. “love and responsibility” are always in the first place. She actively assumes the responsibility of educating students. Diligent in practice and persevering in pursuit of excellence, she constantly broadens her international vision, and actively engages in exploring and practicing the Chinese and Western integration pastoral care system.

      Ms. Cindy J, who is keen on international education, has firmly and deeply felt the connotation of international education: Real international education does not depend on where the students are, but lies in the content they have learned, the methods they have understood, and the correct value. And these are what DSAS actively puts into practice in cultivating students.

      DSAS undertakes a glorious mission. Working in DSAS allows Ms. Jiang to have a more intuitive and profound perception of the charm of international education. The school attaches more importance to the general education based on “whole-person education” and a global perspective. School also pays attention to cultivating students’ innovative spirit and critical thinking based on “international perspective”, the pursuit of “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude”, training students’ sustainable development, and continuous pursuit of happiness…… DSAS put students on the world level, so that they stand higher and far-looking, increasingly in line with the talent needs of global competition.

      In her spare time, Ms. Jiang prefers reading. She is an expert lecturer appointed by Wuxi Federation of Trade Unions and a public reading promoter. She has been practicing reading promotion for a long time. Ms. Jiang also spent a lot of time on in-depth study and research of adolescent psychology and devoted herself to the research and practice of family education.

    • Lara MAssistant Head of Pastoral Care

      Assistant Head of Pastoral Care

      Lara M

      Lara M has been an English teacher for 15 years. In 2005, she completed a Bachelor of Social Science at Rhodes University (South Africa), majoring in Psychology and Management, followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Fort Hare, graduating Cum Laude. After becoming a registered member of the South African Council for Educators, she taught high school English Home Language in South Africa for 7 years. In 2014, she moved into the international teaching arena, first in South Korea then in China. She has taught IGCSE English as a Second Language, IGCSE Literature in English and AS Level English General Paper over the past several years.

      She is passionate about education and has received many accolades for her contribution to teaching in the past. She has held numerous leadership positions, including Head of Grade 9 English, Assistant Grade Head, Senior Teacher and, most recently, Acting Centre Principal of an A-Level International Curriculum Centre in Jiangyin. 

      Lara M believes that, while it is necessary and valuable to teach students the fundamental building blocks of phonics, grammar and syntax, it is her ultimate duty as an educator to equip them with the vital skills of effective communication, analytical thinking, empathetic understanding, and logical reasoning through a holistic approach to education.

    • Monica WChinese Teacher / Assistant to Head of International

      Chinese Teacher / Assistant to Head of International

      Monica W

      Ms. Monica W has years of Chinese teaching and management experience in different international schools in Jiangsu and Shanghai. Working across different ages and level group has helped her develop a comprehensive understanding of international education. She holds a BA from Anhui University and a masters from Shanghai International Studies University, both in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. Prior to joining KCIS in 2018, Ms. Wang taught a variety of Chinese courses for native and non-native speakers, including IGCSE Chinese. She also was head of the Chinese Department from 2012-2016. 

      Ms. Wang believes children are at the core of education. Every child is unique. She cares about each individual child’s physical and mental health, as well as their academic achievements. She is delighted to see the open and inclusive educational environment of KCIS has what it takes to fully explore each child’s potential, and develop their personality and talent. As the Chinese saying goes - one may distinguish himself in any trade – the KCIS children will grow to be the leaders of their respective field.

      Of equal importance, she values home - school communication as an integral part to child growth. She strives to work together with parents and all other members to build a caring, conducive, and co-developmental learning community.

    • Matthew PHead of Humanities

      Head of Humanities

      Matthew P

      Mr. Matthew P hails from a tiny village called Pannal in the North of England. He obtained his BA in Ancient History from Nottingham University in 2017, and his MA in International Political Economy from King’s College London in 2018. Matthew P has been working as an international educator in China for over 4years, teaching a variety of English and Humanities based subjects. 

      Matthew P views his role as one of great importance and responsibility. He is a firm believer in having a holistic approach to education, where he places each individual student and their specific needs as the focus of his attention. Matthew P’s philosophy is firmly rooted in positive reinforcement and encouragement. He always aims to foster and maintain a safe, warm, and friendly learning environment in which students can develop into the individuals they want to become. 

      Outside of work, Matthew P is an avid sportsperson, both as a participant and a spectator. He particularly enjoys playing badminton and is a UK-licensed badminton coach.

    • Jennie CHead of Chinese

      Head of Chinese

      Jennie C

      Jennie C graduated from Nanjing Normal University. She has 12 years of teaching experience in international school education. During this period, she served as an ESL teacher, but she spent more time as a Chinese teacher in G1-G8. She mainly teaches native Chinese and non-native Chinese. 

      She is dedicated about providing young children with rich, varied, and enjoyable learning settings as well as individualized support while they learn. When she observes kids speaking Chinese with confidence, she is thrilled with pride and happiness.

      “Every child is unique, therefore their education should also be”. ― Jeannie Fulbright. This quote has always been the most important guiding principle in Jennie C’s teaching career.

      As a lifelong learner and always strive for excellency, Jennie C is studying for a Master degree at Donghua University in Shanghai, and will graduate in June 2023.

    • Abbi CHead of English

      Head of English

      Abbi C

      Abbi C is an experienced Early Years and Primary educator from the South-East of England. She is currently working as the English Coordinator in King’s College International School, Wuxi. She has 18 years of teaching and management experience in both the UK and China. 

      Abbi C graduated from Kingston University, London in 2005, earning her bachelor’s degree and teaching qualification, majoring in Drama and Art. She holds a Level 3 Forest School Leader (QCF) qualification with additional certificates in developing Therapeutic Skills for outdoor learners and strengthening Adult Mental Health and Well-Being. Abbi C very much enjoyed establishing and managing a Forest School, focusing on outdoor learning opportunities with children aged between the ages of 3-11 years during her time working in the UK. 

      Abbi C strongly believes in offering all children, no matter what their background, intellect, or ability, a consistently balanced, differentiate and secure education. She is committed to delivering creative, articulate, and inspiring lessons to motivate every child she teaches. Abbi C recognises the need for creating a positive learning environment, whether that is inside or outside of a building. She has high but realistic expectations for all children, whatever their individual ability.

      Abbi C has a keen interest in music and musical theatre. She tries to watch as many live performances as possible whenever she can find the time. Abbi C enjoys PT, boxing sessions and running and is proud to have taken part in the 2019 London Marathon for charity.

    • Zakera BHead of Maths

      Head of Maths

      Zakera B

      Zakera B graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Mathematics and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of Brighton. Zakera B has enjoyed teaching in diverse places, including London, Alexandria, Kampala and Shanghai. Having taught mathematics to vastly different students, ranging in age and ability, from grades 5 through to grade 12; Zakera B is experienced in adapting her teaching methods and delivery to cater for the varying needs of her students.

    • Owen HG2 Homeroom Teacher

      G2 Homeroom Teacher

      Owen H

      Owen H graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a BSc (Hons) in 2010 and went on to do his CELTA and then PGCE at the University of Sunderland. Owen H spent four years as an Assistant Manager at an English training school, where he taught pupils of diverse abilities and ages ranging from two to eighteen. For four years, he managed curriculum development and kindergarten administration as the Academic Manager and Senior Teacher of an international kindergarten.

      He most recently worked as a Homeroom Teacher at an international kindergarten, where he helped pupils prepare for admittance into an international primary school following graduation. Owen H has made a big contribution to the success of each school where he has worked, bringing enthusiasm, ambition, and a love of learning to ensure that all children are supported and achieve success. Owen H is looking forward to working with each student at King’s College International School, Wuxi and Science to help them achieve their goals in a positive and dynamic environment.

    • Jenni SG3 Homeroom Teacher

      G3 Homeroom Teacher

      Jenni S

      Jenni S graduated with a degree in Chinese language, culture and translation studies. In 2013, she spent one year abroad in an intensive language immersion programme in Shanghai, and fell in love with everything the Middle Kingdom had to offer. Upon graduating in the summer of 2015, she began her teaching career at a training school in Wuxi. Her main focus was to drive the passion, interest and confidence within her students, whose ages ranged from kindergarten through to middle school, who had little to no English immersion experience in their state schools or home life. Building on her own experiences with language learning, Jenni S was empathetic to the large disparity that exists between English and Chinese, and as a result could effectively predict language points that the students would find difficult or challenging, and tailor her lessons accordingly. Her own passion for education and quality learning allowed her to progress to Assistant Academic Manager and Foreign Welfare Officer in Jiangyin, where she has been residing since 2019.

      Jenni S firmly believes that students who become inspired in the classroom and work towards inspiring others can create the perfect learning environment that will develop confident, independent and perceptive young minds. She enjoys becoming part of the King’s College International School, Wuxi that strives to consistently deliver excellence and top quality learning. 

      Jenni S enjoys sports, particularly badminton and swimming, logic puzzles and board games to keep the mind sharp, and console gaming to burn off steam.

    • Cynthia SG3 Homeroom Teacher

      G3 Homeroom Teacher

      Cynthia S

      In 2015 Cynthia S graduated with a degree in Applied Psychology she has been teaching children for the past 7 years. She more recently completed her Master’s in Early Childhood Studies.

      She possesses a natural ability to connect to children and enjoys interacting with families and truly believes that both parents and teachers work in tandem toward the education of children, so much that her final thesis was on ways to improve parental engagement.

      Cynthia S appreciates the global perspective that the IB curriculum embraces and she aims to incorporate both IB perspective and values in the classroom. Much of the IB values focus on encouraging individual development, transdisciplinary learning and contributing to the community, country and world around. She believes through global learning, using lines of inquiry and developing more independent learners students will become global individuals who think and contribute to their world positively.

    • Caroline MG5 Homeroom Teacher

      G5 Homeroom Teacher

      Caroline M

      Caroline M studied at Homerton College, Cambridge where she gained a Bachelor of Education with a specialism in Religious Studies. She began her teaching career at a school in Highgate, London and then Wisbech Grammar School, before settling in Norwich. Here she spent over ten years teaching at Town Close School, one of the country’s leading Prep schools. As well as being a class teacher, she was Head of Religious Studies and was passionate about teaching the diversity of religions and cultures throughout the world. She has taught children of all ages from 4-13 years so she has a great understanding of the social, emotional and academic development of young people.

      She has a real passion for music, playing the oboe and singing in many choirs. She enthusiastically promotes singing as a way to improve wellbeing and regularly uses it in the classroom to aid learning.

      Caroline M has always maintained that happiness is the most important aspect of facilitating good learning. If children are happy, they will be more confident, adventurous and will strive to be the best that they can be.