Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts domain is led by our Music, Drama and Art Departments. The co-curricular opportunities provided in this domain give students the opportunity to work towards culminating performances throughout the academic year. All three departments work together to ensure the performances, and any showcases of student’s work, are of the highest quality for our wider school community to enjoy.

seat Auditorium
piano rooms
fully-equipped Drama rooms


CCAs include audition and non-audition based activities in a variety of instruments, topics and environments. CCAs work towards performances throughout the year alongside Art and Drama as part of the wider Expressive Arts faculty.

School Ukulele TeamDSAS Star Choirs


In Drama we have both audition and non-audition based CCAs to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to develop their performance and presentation skills as well as self-confidence. We aim to not only develop performers but students who are at peace with themselves and connected to their community and world.

We have 6 fully-equipped Drama rooms as well as a 800-seat auditorium and 150-seat intimate theatre. These spaces offer students the chance to safely express themselves physically and emotionally without restraint. In addition to these facilities we also have a Drama storage unit which is filled with equipment to enable experimental performances in non-conventional spaces across the school campus.

Chinese Play-Cast 2 (G4-9)Junior English Play


Our students have the opportunity to take part in a wide number of creative CCAs. We offer CCAs that allow our students to develop their imagination, think creatively, build social skills and an awareness of others’ opinions and beliefs.

Photoshop Lab (G 9-12)Student-led Creative Handicraft Club