University Counselling


When our children enter upper secondary school, A significant element of our school’s mission is to prepare students for university and a global working environment. With that in mind, the university counselling process in the KCIS Upper Secondary School is a comprehensive endeavor that spans from Grade 9 to Grade 12. The mission of university counselling at KCIS is to provide resources for students and their families in the university search process in order to help students make university decisions based on their individual needs. Some of the key areas in which the University & Guidance counselling Office provides advice and support are:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Career and major choices
  • Summer/winter programmes
  • Overseas universities
  • Standardized tests
  • University application
  • Visa application
  • And so forth

In some cases, the concept of university counselling is a brand-new one to students or their parents. During the first days in the KCIS Upper Secondary School, we hope students visit the University & Guidance Counselling office and talk to one of the counselors. Getting to know how we work and what part we play in this exciting process will help students prepare effectively for their university applications.

KCIS views university counselling as a process, not an event. Although punctuated by specific activities and time-driven deadlines, a student's search for the right college and choice of a major (if any) is, ideally, a culmination of several years of careful thought, serious reflection, and thorough investigation, mixed together with the hopes and dreams of an exciting future. What happens during the 1st semester of Grade 12— when a college choice is eventually made—is merely the byproduct of many smaller decisions that have been made since the first day of Grade 9.

Mission & Value

The University Counselling Office at DSAS aims to educate, expose and advise students and parents on higher education opportunities in countries and regions around the world, help students embark on a journey of self-discovery, introduce students to university options that suit their interests, personality and abilities, and individually guide each student to navigate through the entire university application process to best prepare them for university success.

——Lulu Zhu, Head of University Counselling

Maxine Qian
Anna Ge
Beryl Hang
Emma Gu
Fannie Fang
Gigi Yu
Lucas Lin
Lulu Zhu
Nancy Wu
Scarlett Zhao
Sienna Li
Stella Tang
Steve Su
Vivian Shan
Jessie Yao

My university counselor, Anna Ge, was always there for me when I had difficulties or anxieties during my college application. She never fails to fuel me toward my dreams and provide me with spiritual support- as an all-time guide, and an all-time friend.

——Frank P, Class of 2023


In accordance with KCIS's educational mission of creating a world-class learning community that maximizes each student's lifelong learning potential, the University & Guidance Counselling department holds a strong belief that attending a high-ranking university is not and should never be the sole focus of a student's journey. There is no fixed application pathway that suits the needs of all students. The process of selecting a university is very personal and unique; it requires a degree of self-reflection on the part of students and their parents. We encourage students to take the initiative to reflect on their goals, potential, interests, and strengths in deciding their post-secondary education. We aim to not only guide and support the college application process, but to also develop the "whole" student by incorporating 21st-century skills and global citizenship in our curriculum. The college application process is filled with challenges, opportunities, and significant decisions. It can be an overwhelming yet exciting process. Counsellors are dedicated to providing excellent support for each student, helping them to unleash their full potential and achieve their individual goals.

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