School Life
School Life
Friday 24 Mar 2023
Magic and the Moon

《Magic and the Moon》

In the spring after the pandemic, students from DSAS and KCIS presented a junior English play, "Magic and the Moon". The children's play for this season was an adventurous story about courage, wisdom, and self-discovery. There were 35 performers from the school's Junior English Play CCA, as well as 35 children from the school's Junior Show Choir. With the joint efforts of bilingual and international students, parents, and teachers, we once again experienced the joy and charm of drama.

Since its founding, KCIS has been offering drama courses in all the school sections, committed to developing children's abilities in expression, cooperation and social skills, thinking, creativity, and other areas through this performing art. Many European and American countries include drama education as part of basic education, considering it an important part of "holistic education." In 1960, the US Department of Education included creative drama as a subject in elementary school curriculum. Britain also developed a mature Theatre in Education system over 60 years ago. In 1992, it officially incorporated drama education into the national curriculum standards.

In recent years, the compulsory education curriculum and standards have been continuously reformed, and the focus on quality education has increased. Some new courses and concepts have gradually emerged in children's classrooms as a result. In 2022, the Ministry of Education officially announced the implementation of the "Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan and Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition)" in the autumn semester of 2022. The drama section in the art curriculum standards includes requirements for "educational drama."

Participating in creative drama activities is not just about learning acting, it has irreplaceable advantages in developing students' abilities in expression, cooperation, and social skills. The abilities it cultivates will cover many aspects of children's future life and work. The confidence, teamwork, public speaking, critical thinking, and other skills gained in the process of learning expressive art are a major driving force for improving traditional subjects and children's overall development.

Drama is also a comprehensive performing art that integrates various art forms such as theatre, dance, singing, and painting, requiring performers to master multiple skills. Magic and The Moon incorporated elements of musical theater and African chant; the children painted their own characters' masks; students and teachers from the Stagecraft Design CCA also contributed wonderful stage props to this play.

Drama has brought many surprises and joys to our school's teachers, students, and parents. In April and May, our school will have four more stage plays coming up, so stay tuned!