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School Life
Friday 31 Mar 2023
The Unique Literacy Week We Celebrated



Literacy Week

In March, we welcomed to our annual Literacy Week celebration! At KCIS, we are excited to explore the world of digital literacy techniques and how they can enhance our reading and writing experiences. In today's increasingly digital world, it's important to not only be able to read and write, but also to navigate and communicate effectively in digital spaces. That's where interactive story books, blogging, podcasts and production of short film trailers came in. These techniques offer engaging and interactive ways to consume and produce content, allowing the students to explore new ideas, share own story/literary experiences, and connect with others in meaningful ways. Please continue reading on to see how Grades 1-8 dived into the world of digital literacy and discovered how it can expand their understanding and appreciation of the written word. 


Interactive Story Books

Students created digital avatars and wrote as their favourite book characters or used a story they had written, to create an interactive book using ‘2Create’, a book app, on Purple Mash. They share the stories with their friends.  



Students evaluated a variety of blog posts and then worked collaboratively to create a class blog. Each learner went onto compose an individual blog post which they presented to the class at the end of the week. 

G4,5 & 7


Students' focus was to create podcasts based on their favourite author, book, or genre of text. They practiced skills in design, developing questions to gain insights into literature from interviewees as well as editing skills to create the podcast itself.  


Short Film Trailers

Students looked at examples of literature that have been adapted into movies. They worked in small groups to think about how one of their favourite stories or books could be adapted into a movie. They created posters, scripts (for one of the scenes) and finally created a short movie trailer for their chosen movie. 


'Reading Corner' Designs 

Students created designs for a Reading Corner that will be developed in the Junior High at KCIS. They will need to use a range of different skills, including research, planning, designing, budgeting and sourcing of materials, reviewing/evaluating for their final presentation for Mr. Hindle and other SLT members. 

Literacy Week Winners

Story Writing 

PRIMARY - Ryan Lee G3B



New Book Character

 Candice Lu G7A


Book Review Video

Mia Christensen G2B


We were very excited to finally host a Book Fair  since restrictions have now been lifted for Covid-19. Students, parents and teachers from KG,Primary and International visited the book fair in the Chinese Culture room. A variety of engaging books of different genres, fiction and non-fiction were available for students to peruse and purchase. A big thank you to our Book Fair partner, Book Win, Shanghai, who supplied a fantastic selection of books. 

Parent Reading Time

We invited our amazing parents to come to the classroom to read a story for their child and classmates. 

My Favourite Book Character

On Friday 17th March, was 'Dress As Your Favourite Book Character' Day. It was so good to see students from across the school,  taking part. Even the teachers had fun taking on new personas for the day. What a fabulous event to end a very busy and active learning week at KCIS!  

PSG & Library Lecture 

On Wednesday 15th March, KCIS library and our PSG volunteers have invited Dr. Bai, a Chinese medicine doctor with rich clinical experience, to come to our library and give a lecture about ‘Correct Posture to prevent scoliosis’ for Grade 4 and Grade 5 pupils. He showed the students the dangers of bad sitting posture through pictures, role-playing to allow students to conduct self-examination, and taught students some practical ways to relieve their muscle pain, like simple Tai Chi movements and eye massage. Everyone enjoyed it! 

Poster Competition

This March, we celebrate women, past and present, who have been active in all forms of books and storytelling in honor of Women's History Month. The library encourages our students to check out book lists that highlight the contributions of female characters and look back on the great women in history. 

During Literacy Week, we also featured a 'Guess Who?' famous females in the world poster competition. The students' wonderful work below highlights the wonderful achievements of some of the greatest women.