School Life
School Life
Saturday 06 May 2023
Chinese Talent Show

Spring breeze greets with joy silently; the campus is vibrant with colorful blooms. On this beautiful day, we are welcoming the 2022-2023 "Chinese Talent Show" cultural event of KCIS.

Opening Flag dance

Countdown to "3, 2, 1", the red flag is accompanied by the sound of drums, and the children are waving their red flags with the rhythm. The momentum is magnificent and exciting, and our program is starting!

12 Zodiacs + Painted Masks of Beijing Opera

Students brought us a dance series which were extremely cute and won applause from all audiences.

Chorus-《Jasmine Flower》

A spray of fragrant and lovely white petals. What a beautiful jasmine flower. "This folk song originated from the regions of Jiangsu and Anhui and has always touched people's heartstrings with its simple yet profound lyrics and melodious tune.


With a folding fan,a block of agarwood, they can tell the stories of heroes and beauties in the world. G2 students performed a wonderful show about "storytellers".

Comedy-《Help or Not》

This is a story about “helping”, which reflects on issues in society. If we encounter someone who needs help, what should we do?

Fan dance-《Ba Wang Bie Ji》

The song “Ba Wang Bie Ji "interprets the heroic feelings of Xiang Yu, the king of West Chu. It has been deeply engraved in the words and lines of Chinese literature, becoming a legendary classic that stirs the soul.

Drama-《The Three Little Pigs》

Once upon a time, there lived three adorable pigs in the forest. They are smart and united. They all wanted to have a house of their own. Suddenly, the big gray wolf and three little pigs began an interesting story……

Waist drum-《A Monk in a Floating World》

This is a fantasy story about a kid encountering Lord Lao zi and becoming his student. We could see various traditional Chinese cultural features: Taoism, Chinese drums, martial arts, and classic Chinese dance moves.

Musical drama-《Time for Class》

The combination of language and dance gave us a different feeling towards the lively class.

Fluorescence dance-《Guardians》

Youth is a colorful painting, youth is a vibrant stage, youth is enthusiastic footsteps.

Crosstalk-《Monkey Tricks》

The relaxed and humorous language style, as well as the witty and amusing expressions, all demonstrated the joy of teasing monkeys.

Would you like to dance+ Youth Club

We expressde our passion and pursuit for youth through dance. We felt the charm and vitality of youth.

Comedy-《Time Travel》

The sketch "Crossing" elaborated on the interesting story of the famous poet Li Bai's journey to a modern campus.

Chorus-《My Motherland and Me》

A patriotic song full of deep emotions, there is a mother named- Motherland.

Teacher performance-“Love You”

Serious and dressed teachers also stepped onto the stage to bring sweet songs and dances to everyone. It can't express the feeling of "love" enough.

If you break through yourselves, you've got talent!

If you are brave enough to show yourselves, you've got talent!

If you manage to challenge yourselves bravely, you've got talent!

Students' Reflections

● G6A Eric Jung

Last week's Chinese talent show was very good. There was a variety of talent that can show how great Chinese culture is, all of us were impressed by people's efforts to their performance. Even though, our group didn't get prize, we were pleased to perform our talent in front of audiences. We had fun with it.

● G6B Annie Chen

The Chinese Talent Show is an event that you can enjoy by demonstrating your talents on stage. Our class performed a musical drama. We vividly played a group of naughty children and then danced the victory dance - little chicken dance after the teacher got angry. Everyone dressed in yellow chicken suits and became the brightest stars!

● G4A Scarlett Malone

Before we went on stage, I wasn’t that nervous; I was actually quite excited! When we had won an award, I was very happy and surprised that we came second.