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School Life
Friday 30 Jun 2023
KCIS G5&G8 Step Up Celebration


End of Year Message

End of Year Message

Dear International Families, 

As we rapidly end a busy, exciting and eventful school year in KCIS and approach a relaxing summer holiday, I am writing to thank you for your continued support of our students and school. It has been my privilege to watch the students grow and make such excellent progress under the guidance and tutelage of our talented and committed staff team. 

I wish to extend my thanks to our wonderful PSG for their unfailing support of KCIS as we continually work to maintain and improve our provision for all our students. In particular, my thanks go to Megan Cooper – our PSG Chairperson – who will be leaving us at the end of this year.  

For those of you returning for the 2023-24 school year, we look forward to welcoming the students back on 4th September, and for those that are moving on we wish you all the very best in your future travels and adventures. 

My kindest regards,

Mike Hindle 

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“Step Up Ceremony  is the conclusion of one chapter and the beginning of another. ”

On June 29th, the Step Up Ceremony for the Grade 5 and Grade 8 students was held in our school's auditorium. School leaders, teachers, and families all gathered together as one family to honor and recognize the efforts and accomplishments of the students.  

During the ceremony, Mr. Brendan Law (Executive Principal of KCIS ) and Mr.Mike Hindle (Head of School) both offered inspiring words of wisdom and experience and sent their best wishes and hopes for the students.  

Parent representatives Ms.Megan Cooper and Mr.Joseph Hansen took turns to deliver compelling speeches, expressing their appreciation to the school and community, while sharing their wishes for the students’ bright future. 

It takes a community. None of the successes celebrated today would be possible without a community of people supporting the student.There is a popular phrase in America that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. This phrase actually originates from an African proverb to convey the message that it takes many people,or "he village", to provide a safe, healthy environment for children,where the children are given the security they need to develop and flourish and to be able to realize their hopes and dreams. This requires an environment where children's voices are taken  seriously and where multiple people, or "he villagers"  including parents, siblings, extended family members, teachers, and staff care for a child. And I truly believe we have this kind of successful “village” here at KCIS.  

——Ms.Megan Cooper 

After speeches from the principals and parents, G8 student representative Crystal Lee delivered moving speeches, looking back fondly on her years at KCIS and expressing gratitude towards the teachers, parents and friends. Our Grade 5 students did reflection as well, filling their hearts with joy, pride  and excitement.  

After some excellent dances and songs from students,the students proceeded to gracefully walk across the stage, receiving their certificates from Mr.Law, Mr.Hindle, and homeroom teachers. The certificate marks the end of a phase of the students learning journey. In the upcoming new era, a new world awaits them. 

In the end of the ceremony, a group of G8 students sang the song "A million dreams". With dreams, they can go anywhere and do anything.  

To the Grade 5 and Grade 8 students, we say congratulations and best wishes on your journey ahead. May you continue to shine brightly and make a positive impact wherever you go.