School Life
School Life
Friday 01 Sep 2023
Preparation for the New Semester



We organised a series of activities to welcome new teachers and help them quickly integrate into the campus and the community.


The staff inductions and teacher trainings were conducted.


Through teamwork in completing the "Marshmallow Tower Challenge" helped staffs to build a closer relationship, laying the foundation for teaching cooperation in the new semester.


Chinese Principal: Mr. Shen Maode

In his speech, the Chinese Principal, Mr. Shen Maode, expressed the new expectations of the new teachers from "Believe in our vision and mission" to "Take actions to make it happen". He said that:" Everyone is a business card of the school and exhibit excellece in everyone's position, then the school will move towards high quality for sure.

Executive Principal: Mr. Brendan Law

The Executive Principal, Mr. Brendan Law, emphasized the values and vision of the school to the new teachers: A learning community aspiring to excellence.

He said that we will focus on language and reading ability at all levels. Teaching, learning and assessment. Creating positive learning environment and a sense of belonging. Raising standand of co-curricular and 21st-century skills development.


During the summer holiday, the school has upgraded the landscaping of several school gates to enhance the visual effect and at the same time, to ensure the safety of students, and to provide further convenience for parents to pick up and drop off their children through the creation of a green ecological parents' waiting areas.

At the same time, the school has carried out extensive optimisation and refurbishment of the infrastructure on campus, and the operations department has fully prepared to ensure the students' experience in the new semester.