School Life
School Life
Friday 08 Sep 2023
Great Achievements

During the summer, students at King's College International School Wuxi actively participated in various competitions, achieving impressive results. This is a clear affirmation of our students' excellent academic levels and diversified individual talents.

At KCIS, everything we do is based on the concept of "supporting growth and stimulating potential". With our "student-centered" educational culture, we encourage and support each child's interests and passions. The strong academic atmosphere within the school helps them build enough confidence and capability to achieve their future academic goals and life aspirations.

1. World Scholar Cup Global Round 2023

World Scholars Cup is a prestigious global academic competition that unites students from around the world to compete in subjects such as history, science, literature, art and politics. The competition aims to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and effective communication, while also encouraging students to connect with peers from different cultures and develop a deep love of learning.

We feel proud and honoured that the scholars from KCIS Wuxi have received great  achievements which are a testament to your hard work, dedication and diligent study.

A round of applause for our outstanding scholars who are qualified for the tournament of Champions at Yale University this winter:

Gloria C, Roy G, Fayna M
Overall Team – 14th Place
Team Writing – 6th Place
Team Challenge – 14th Place
Team bowl- 19th  Place
Team Debate – 102nd   Place

2. 2023 WSDA Junior Speech & Debate

G5A Elain D
Expository Speech Junior 4-6 Division
3rd Prize

3. The 6th New Warbler Award

G8A Candice L
Junior A Division
Golden Award

4. MLB CUP Spring Final

G5B Ceejay L
Winning Prize

5. 2023 Wuxi Youth Sunshine Sports League Primary School Tennis Championships

G6B John W
Men's singles (Age 12)
3rd Place

6. 2023 Jiangsu Youth Fencing Club League

G7A Leo Z
Men's Fencing (Team) (Age 12-13)
1st place

Our school community is proud of these achievements and is committed to continually fostering an environment that nurtures their talents and potential. At the start of a new academic year, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We are confident that our students will continue to excel and make a positive impact in their respective fields of interest and in the world beyond.