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School Life
Friday 19 Jan 2024
Explore the Boundaries of Science

Explore the Boundaries of Science through the Science Research and Debate Club


At KCIS, we firmly believe in providing our students with opportunities to expand their knowledge and cultivate a passion for learning. In the academic year 2023/2024, the science department at KCIS proudly introduced the Science Research and Debate Club as a co-curricular activity. This club aims to empower students from Grade 6 to 8 by immersing them in topics that promote critical thinking skills and enhance their communication abilities through engaging debates.

The science team at KCIS has developed a program that goes beyond memorization and embraces an approach to learning. By integrating knowledge with problem-solving and practical applications, students are equipped with the necessary skills to tackle real-world challenges. The integration of the Science Research and Debate Club into the STEAM curriculum adds an authentic dimension, allowing students to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature while honing their understanding.

The creation of the Science Research and Debate Club at KCIS was driven by our commitment to fostering a culture of inquiry and critical thinking among our students. By giving students the opportunity to actively engage in exploration and discussion, we not only enhance their academic experience but also empower them to become confident, articulate, and critical thinkers in the field of science and beyond.

Exploring Topics

At KCIS, our Science Research and Debate Club has delved into a range of fascinating scientific topics that ignite critical thinking and foster a deep appreciation for scientific inquiry. Some of the topics that our students have explored include:

a. Investigating Virus-Cell Interactions: We explore the mechanisms through which viruses infiltrate and interact with host cells, prompting students to analyze the complexities of infections and their impact on human health.

b. Understanding Algae Growth Factors: Our students delve into both biological factors that contribute to the proliferation of algae. This exploration encourages them to examine systems and how they interact with human activities.

c. Contemplating Life: We delve into the question of whether we are alone in the vast universe. This topic prompts our students to contemplate the possibilities of life beyond Earth and ponder on our search for intelligence.

d. Examining Mars Colonization: Our discussions focus on exploring the challenges posed by making Mars habitable for colonization. We dive into topics such as space exploration, terraforming techniques, and envisioning a future where interplanetary habitation becomes a reality.

e. Nasal Spray Vaccines: Our focus is on exploring and evaluating the development and effectiveness of nasal spray vaccines. We want to encourage students to analyze approaches to vaccination and understand their impact on health.

What We Expected and Learned

Fostering Critical Thinking

We recognize the significance of nurturing thinking skills in our students. The Science Research and Debate Club aim to inspire students to delve into concepts, ask thought-provoking questions, and develop a profound appreciation for the marvels of the natural world. Through engaging discussions and activities, students at KCIS have sharpened their abilities and learned how to tackle scientific challenges with confidence.

Enhancing Communication Skills through Debates

Communication is fundamental for success in any domain. By participating in debates and delivering presentations, members of the Science Research and Debate Club has refined their communication skills, articulated their ideas, and learned how to express themselves clearly with conviction.

Promoting Collaboration and Teamwork

The Science Research and Debate Club emphasizes collaboration and teamwork, mirroring the dynamics of world communities. Students collaborate on research projects, exchange ideas freely, and support each other's intellectual growth.

Unleashing the Potential of Young Scientists through Practical Science

At KCIS, the Science Research and Debate Club offers more than a club experience it provides students with a journey of discovery, learning, and personal growth. Through engaging in activities, students have the opportunity to dissect specimens, explore organs and tissues, and delve into the physiological processes that sustain life. This hands-on approach enables students to witness firsthand the wonders of systems and develop an understanding of how different body structures and functions are interconnected.


From teacher's perspective, students have demonstrated a keen interest in research, showing proficiency in gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing information. Engaging in debates and discussions has fostered critical thinking, enabling students to evaluate information and approach challenges thoughtfully.

Grade 8 /  Gloria C

Every Monday's Science Research and Debate CCA is fun and exciting. We get to do hands-on activities during the lesson, such as dissecting a frog or planting seeds. I believe that getting the students to join in first person, exploring all the possibilities and interesting discoveries is a very effective way of learning.

In addition to that, we also do a lot of research relating to DNA, viruses, and evolution. I really enjoy learning new things and especially around the field of science. Every week, we focus on a different topic, so we get to try different experiments and explore a range of topics.

Moreover, we also do debates around the topics we are currently learning. By involving everyone to express their ideas surrounding a topic, we engage in interesting speeches and discussions.

I think this is a CCA where students get to learn and do things, they never thought they would have tried before. So, in conclusion, I believe the Science Research and Debate CCA is an effective way for anyone in our school to have fun and learn together

Grade 7 /  Roger Z

The science debate CCA has jumped out of the normal science learning curriculum. Here, we are treated as real scientists and developed numerous skills which will influence our science studies later. We trained skills and gained experiences by being able to observe an experiment, which I believe have a better effect than reading textbooks.

Our CCA also held a couple of debates throughout the semester, which highly required our scientific knowledge and researching skills to prepare. During the debate, we also practiced our logic skills and the ability to organize information into powerful arguments.

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience in the club and look forward to further attending the CCA.

Grade 7 /  Zhonghao N

I really like being part of the Science Debate and Research CCA. We get to learn cool science stuff that we don't study in regular classes. We do research, talk about different topics, and even get to dissect things. It's fun because we can explore and discuss interesting science ideas in a way that's not like our usual lessons.

Grade 6 /  Jamie C

I really enjoy our CCA. We debate about science things, and we can do some science activities in our CCA. We sometimes watch science videos and have party to celebrate our achievement which I think is amazing because as a popular saying goes “all work with our play makes jack a dull boy” Our CCA is the best!

Grade 6 /  Nina C

I really enjoyed this Science research and debate CCA. I liked how we not only learned about scientific information but also used the information to research and debate.

We found out how to extract DNA from fruits and why we have different skin colors. We learned how to write a lab report and even how to dissect a frog. I have learned a lot in those weeks, and I hope that I will be able to remember them forever. This was a CCA that I will never forget.