School Life
School Life
Monday 29 Jan 2024
Celebrating the Spring Festival of Year of the Dragon

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Wuxi King's College International School welcomed the 6th Chinese Culture Week. From January 22nd to 26th, the school has launched a variety of cultural activities to create a festive and auspicious atmosphere for teachers and students.

KCIS Activities

The Chinese department organized activities such as dragon handicrafts, calligraphy of the  Chinese Character “fortune” (“fu” in Pinyin), and dragon-themed Chinese House Cup. Among them, the most eye-catching activity was the "Snack Shop". Students used the vouchers earned in Chinese language classes to participate in the ring toss game and buy small gifts. The venue was filled with cheers and laughter.

On 22nd January, our wonderful PSG organized an amazing New Year Decoration DIY Workshop for parents and staff.

Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala

Radetzky March - School Orchestra: Hoping for a best 2024 in the beauty of music.

Opening speech by Executive Principal Mr. Brendan Law's marked the beginning of the celebration.

KCIS crosstalk- Funny Monkey was humorous, witty, and joyful.

The KCIS performance Sorry, My Chinese Is Not Good embodied cultural diversity and integration.

Velvet Flower by Mama Art Troupe was warm and touching.

Our teachers' rendition of Dream it possible was with passion and warmth.

There were many amazing performances from our distinguished guests and various school sections.

Principal Shen drew a successful conclusion to the entire celebration.

Chinese New Year Bazaar






Showcasing the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture, conveying a profound understanding of and deep love towards traditional Chinese culture, experiencing the history, geography, celebrity stories, and customs and traditions of different provinces in China.




Dragon dance and lion dance

Charity sale to share love together

Through a series of activities, the school not only celebrated the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival, but also allowed teachers, students, and parents to experience the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture. It brought a colorful, joyful, and warm New Year feast to everyone.